Every time I visit Spain there is this familiar feeling of chaotic beautiful energy. The people, the noise, the smells, the late-night dinners and loud laughs among friends… It was my first time in south of Spain, but whenever I go back to this country is the same feeling of enjoyment.

As any other part of Spain, Andalusia has its own magic, it is a perfect mixture of Spanish culture with the orient and it’s too bad we only had time to see Malaga and Seville.

You don’t want to close your eyes when wondering the streets of these two cities. There is beauty in every corner. Gardens that you never want to leave, endless alleys with purple trees, colorful tile houses, and sun that creates some kind of laziness that makes the time go slower. And of course, you are not in Spain if there are no tapas, and you don’t spend half of the day eating great food. Even the Spanish themselves say that you have to make five food breaks during the day, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and have almuerzo and merienda in between. So as good travelers we followed this rule.

My impression is that where ever you are in Spain when it goes about food it is all about leisurely lunches and late-night dinners, great selection of tapas plates combined with great company somewhere in a loud traditional bar. This is not an exception for Andalusia as well, and this Spanish lifestyle suits me perfectly.

All kinds of see food, jamon, cheese, croquettes… was just some of the things we tried. I’m trying to make a list of all the things we ate and which one are my favorites, and when I see the length of this list my thought is maybe it is a good thing we only stayed one week.

Anyway, some of my very favorites. It is just impossible to make a top 10 rank.



Pimientos del padron


Gambas al pilpil

Boquerones al limon


Grilled Prawns


Boquerones vinagre




Turron de mazapan con naranja /  Turron blando almendra – Almendras  /  Rellenas del almendra

Iberian pork with potatoes 


Ajo blanco (cold soup typical for Malaga, made from almonds)

Tuna tartar


Pulpo feira


Chipirones con salmorejo

Croquetas de toro / Croqutas de cabrales y nueces (croquettes with cheese)


Salmorejo (type of cold cream soup typical for Gordoba)


Foie con salsa de mandarina


(even though it was one of my favorite dish I don’t have the proper picture for this one. We were just to preoccupied with the food 🙂 but trust me it’s delicious)

And of course lots of jamon!



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